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  • November 8 - Mia Joy's Birthday
  • November 8 - Mom going to Emily's.
  • November 10 - Elsie Jane's Birthday
  • November 12 - Jeffrey's Birthday
  • November 22 - Annie's Birthday
  • November 26 - December 1- Mom, Dad, Bobby & Ellie going to Virginia for Thanksgiving!
  • December 2 - Julia's Birthday
  • December 5 - Bobby's Birthday
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  • December 24 - Alpine 1st Ward - Mom's Primary Christmas Program. Christmas Eve Dinner Party at Aunt Lu's.
  • December 28 - Emily's Birthday
  • January 6 - Maggie's Birthday

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our Virginia Trip Erin and me

Hi Family I am trying to learn and to keep up the news and events on our blog spot so that we can post upcoming events and share experiences. I enjoyed the recent trip Erin and I took to Virginia to be there for Elsies blessing. It was a wonderful visit and eventful as always. I think the funniest time was our Saturday night after a day of cooking all day, Jeffrey in his chef hat making magnificient mint brownies frosted pink and m&m cookies, Emily giving us directions and Erin and I chopping and stirring things together, the kitchen was a complete disaster. Emily and Jeffrey left for a much needed time alone together to attend temple night with the ward. Erin and I were happy to stay with the children. I still had the roll dough to make and Mia and Maggie were hungry and waiting for a trip to their favorite,Chic- Fil- A. I hurried. Erin put "sweatas ' as Maggie calls them on children and buckled them into car seats and into the Van. I finished the dough grabbed my purse and joined her. After I had ordered the food and we set everything up for eating (quite an ordeal with 4 little ones) I looked at my front and I was covered with big very noticable blotches of bread dough all over my dark purple shirt. I looked like the kitchen. We were up until midnight bathing the girls braiding Mia's hair, feeding babies and cleaning the kitchen. When Em and Jeff got home very late, Jeff had to go to the store for mayonaise and meat we needed for Sunday. I could not have done it without Erin. Fun Chaos.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Many Thanks...

(posted by Emily)
So, I thought I would start off Mom's blog with a quick note about her recent trip to Virginia for the birth of my third daughter, Elisabeth Jane.

While I thought we had planned everything perfectly for a c-section the day after Thanksgiving, I went into pre-term labor towards the end of October and everything became uneasy. Since we expected that once I stopped receiving Turbutaline injections labor would commence and the baby would come, we were uncertain of how it would all play out. Mom changed her flight and arrived the day I reached 36 weeks (the doctor's goal for delaying labor), which was also Mia's sixth birthday. We were able to celebrate with her with presents and going to dinner at Chipolte (it was mom, so we had to have Mexican food). We went to church and got mom settled in with directions in the GPS system the next day, and Monday my contractions picked up significantly. The timing could not have been better. Mom was settled in and here to stay with Mia and Maggie; Jeffrey had the day off work, and I could not handle one more day of contractions and uncertainty.

Happily, the doctors determined that it was the "real thing" and determined to do a c-section that evening, November 10, 2008. Our little Elsie Jane arrived right in time and perfectly healthy at 6 lbs 8 ozs and 20 1/2 inches that evening. We were so grateful for her safe arrival. She was perfectly healthy and things could not have gone more smoothly if we had planned them.

Mom then spent the next three weeks living my life: caring for my girls and me, cleaning my house, fixing us food, mastering the confusing directions and roads in Northern Virginia. I was so grateful for her help and support. I could not have made it with only one week of her presence (as originally planned).

Elsie arrived early enough that I could get up and participate in Thanksgiving when Dad, Ellie and Bobby flew into town. It was so fun to have them all here, and once again we were grateful for all the help with raking our leaves, putting up Christmas decorations, and putting my house together. We also had some dramatic moments together, such as Maggie breaking her collar bone and all of Mia's "injuries" to get equal attention.

Anyway, we have felt so very blessed to have the family here for this special time and to begin our holiday season. I will let mom post more about the experience from her perspective, but in the meantime, here are a few pictures with the grandkids in Virginia.